Our Story

The concept for Three Peaks Coffee has been a project in the making for years now. Really, we’re just three best friends from grade school that love coffee, having a good time, and spending our best days outside. So we put our heads together over a cup of coffee, and realized the main things we have in common: an infatuation with the outdoors, an enthusiasm for innovation, and a love for great coffee. Those are the three peaks.

We wanted to take those values and apply them to a company we could grow knowing we could take pride in. The cart concept came over years of traveling – we had each seen carts or variations like ours in other parts of the world and we had all really loved the idea of a mobile cart. We also knew the success of Denver’s food truck industry having lived here for years we knew our home’s would be the best place for operating. Using this idea, we invested our savings and with some help of our friends we were able to design the cart and have our dream built into a reality.

With our company values in place and our cart built it was only time to take the next step, find the best coffee in town and sell it. Obviously, this took us right to the steps of our favorite roaster in town – Huckleberry Roaster!

Now with all the pieces in place, here we are Denver! The first fully mobile Espresso cart, 100% man powered, operating 7 days a week in Downtown Denver. Come and find us!